Get Paid For Scrap Metal - Pricing Policy

How much is scrap metal worth?

It depends on the type of metal. For example copper has more value than some of the other metals. The exact price varies day by day so the best thing to do is to come along with your metal when you are ready to scrap it and we shall give you the best price available. The more metal you have the more you get so when you call for a quote make sure you have the approx weight of the scrap metal.

Can I get paid cash for my scrap metal.

As of December 2012 the law on cash for scrap metal changed so that it is illegal for any scrap metal handlers to pay cash for scrap metal. If you are offered cash for metal after 3rd Dec 2012, you risk being taken to court. Our friendly and helpful scrap metal staff will be more than happy to talk you through the options so that you'll get the best price for your scrap metal.

How Will I Get Paid for My Scrap Metal

Instead of cash we can provide cheque and electronic transfers. We also support the card system where the money is effectively made directly available through a debit style card system. If you're commercial, trade or residential and have any questions please call our support staff.

We cover the East of London. For full details click on the map to see the zones we cover. Of course if you are based outside of these zones you can still bring your scrap metal in however we can only collect from the zones indicated.